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For those of you who collected insects as a child, I’m sure you will love the work of Justin Siow whose work is available for sale at Lord Coconut

Justin Siow graduated from an advanced Diploma of Jewellery Technology at NMIT in 2009. Drawing inspiration from a childhood filled with origami, science fiction, puzzles and vintage toys, Justin uses both precious metals and contemporary materials to make his creations. He relishes technical challenges and treats the act of making as a puzzle in itself, finding the best design solution to produce objects that are both entertaining and functional. His latest work focuses on the efficient use of materials. Using principles that are akin to the design of origami models, Justin starts with a single rectangular strip of metal, into which a design is hand –cut and then folded to produce a three dimensional piece. These self-imposed rules create the challenge of finding the many limbs, mandibles and wings in the material as well as achieving the ultimate goal of minimising waste.

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