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Men’s Wedding Ring Price

How much should you pay for a men’s wedding ring is the million dollar question. One of the main factors will always be what material the wedding ring is made from. Wedding ring width will also make a difference. Where it is made will also influence price as a locally made wedding ring will be more expensive than one made overseas or in a factory.


We specialise in Australian handmade wedding rings so the chart below which indicated percentage of rings sold in each price bracket reflects that fact.

Under $500 are predominatly sterling silver rings although it will include the odd titanium or zirconium ring.

$501 to $1000 are mainly titanium, zirconium and the occasional thin (4mm and under) 9ct gold ring

$1001 to $1500 are usually 9ct gold rings (or titanium with a touch of 9ct gold)

$1501 plus are either wider 9ct gold or 18ct gold rings with the odd platinum ring at the upper price level


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