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Average men’s wedding ring size

How long is a piece of string? That question isn’t too far away from when someone comes into the store and asks what is the average finger size for a men’s wedding ring.

As you can see from the chart below there is a large variation in finger sizes with the smallest, we’ve done around size L (16.3mm diameter) and the largest is size Z+6 (24.3mm diameter).

There does seems to be a sweet spot between size R and U 1/2 for men’s wedding ring sizes.

Not knowing your ring size is no big deal as any good jewellery store will be able to measure your finger to get the correct size. The only drama is when the ring is being purchased as a surprise and we can’t measure the finger. here at Lord Coconut we have a pretty easy solution in that we happily sell you the sample we have in-store you have a surprise ring to give and then all the recipient needs to do is come into the store, get the finger measured and we’ll make up a brand new in about three weeks which will sit perfectly.



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