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Wedding ring styles for men

mens wedding band mens wedding ring

The Classic Ring

A classic wedding ring is one of the most popular choices among men. It features a plain band with no embellishments. This style is often worn by men who are looking for simplicity and elegance. We have many of these styles but our most popular one is called the Boston ring. This ring has all features of a classic wedding ring but with a slight twist. Each of the Boston wedding ring is hand moulded in wax, giving the ring a slight wavy texture, and then cast in your choice of gold before being hand polished. Its a classic ring but the slight texture and uneveness of the ring take it to the next level.

Boston mens wedding ring

The Modern Ring

If you prefer something more modern, there are plenty of options available. You can choose from a variety of different materials, such as gold, silver, titanium, and even stainless steel. There are also many different designs to choose from, including bands with diamonds, engravings, and other decorative elements. One of our most popular modern rings is the Galaxy ring. These rings come with an oxidised sterling silver base (giving it a dark nearly black look). They then have gold frosting melted on top so that the silver and gold fuse together that gives the ring the galaxy look. The rings are then given the extra special touch by setting in a number of black diamonds to really make this wedding ring pop. The ultimate contemporary mens wedding ring.

Glaxay mens wedding ring

The Outlandish Wedding Ring

A man’s wedding ring should complement his personality and style. It should reflect who he is and what he stands for. What not go for signet ring rather than a wedding band if that is the look you are looking for. One of our most popular is the Ocean signet ring. It's nice and thin, sits flat on the wedding ring finger and have a slight oxidised texture on top giving the ring a bit of character. It's not too outlandish but will reflect the personality of the wearer.

Ocean mens wedding ring

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