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Handmade Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are an important part of any couple's relationship. They symbolize commitment, love, and friendship. Whether you're looking for something simple or extravagant, we've got you covered.

All of our wedding rings are handmade in Australia by each of our talented jewellers who each work from home studios or their shared studio space.

The handmade nature of their work means that each ring is totally unique as each and every ring is handmade to order. This takes 2-3 weeks from when a ring is purchased but rest assured each ring has the personal touch of our jewellers.

Add a personal touch.

If you're planning a wedding, there's no better gift than a handmade ring. It shows how much you care and will last forever. You'll also find plenty of inspiration here. We carry a wide variety of styles, metals and sizes.

Coast rings by Danielle Sweeney
One way to add is personal touch to your wedding ring is to choose one of the Coast rings by Danielle Sweeney.

Each of these rings feature a hand engraved coastline of your choice on the ring. The coastline can be anywhere in the world as long as we can find it on Google maps. This is the ultimate personal touch on your wedding ring.

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