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Top 5 Mens Wedding Ring Melbourne

Some of our most popular wedding rings

There are so many different styles of wedding rings available to choose from. You'll find everything from simple bands with no gemstones to elaborate designs with multiple stones. If you're looking for something unique, consider adding a custom design to your wedding band.

Boston Ring
The Boston ring by Ali Alexander is unique each time we make the ring as the shape is hand moulded in wax, giving it its texture, before being cast in the metal of your choice

Boston wedding ring by Ali Alexander

Galaxy Ring
The galaxy ring by Jeanetet Dyke consists of an oxidised base with a gold frosting on top and set with seven black diamonds or red rubys to really make it pop.

GTS Ring
The GTS ring by David Parker is lightweight titnaium and is inspired by the classic GTS race car.

GTS titanium wedding ring by David Parker

Along Ring
The Along ring by Aimee Sutanto is made of two different golds fused together to make a two-tone ring.

Scribed Ring
The Scribed ring by Gillian Hillman features a unique scribed pattern along its entire surface giving it a cool lived in look which isn't shiny.

Scribbed wedding ring by Gillian Hillman

These are just a few of our men's wedding rings available online and in-store at Lord Coconut

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