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Mens Wedding Rings: How To Find The Perfect Ring For Your Man

Here we'll show you how to choose the right ring for him.


If he's not into jewelry, then maybe he'd prefer something more practical. If so, here are some ideas to consider when choosing his wedding band.

Sometimes the weight of a wedding ring is a factor if the groom is not used to wearing a ring. If a light ring is required then a titanium ring is one of the lightest wedding rings you can find. If weight is no problem you would go for a platinum ring but as they tend to be pricey we usually direct people into gold. Sterling silver sits in-between titanium and gold weight wise.

The width of a ring will make a big difference to its weight. The wider the ring the heavier it will feel on the finger.

Bark ting by Danielle Sweeney

The thickness of the ring will also influence weight but we find what is more important it the feel of the ring between the fingers. The thicker the ring the more you will notice it on.

Burnside ring in 18ct yellow gold by Gary Barnes

The Final Say
We find if weight is an issue people usually go for a thinner, narrow ring in titanium as you will hardly feel like you are wearing it. It you want to wear a more traditional gold ring that make sure you choose one that if narrow and thin if weight and how it feels on the finger is an issue.

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