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Charcoal Rectangle Painting

Charcoal Rectangle Painting

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Each pair of earrings feature "unsellable" paintings from various artists which are given a new life, the perfect way to up-cycle.

Material: Silver plated copper and oil painting

Size: 60mm L x 20mm W

Introducing Charcoal Rectangle Painting earrings, a stunning accessory crafted in silver-plated copper. These exquisite earrings showcase oil paintings by the talented artist Erwin Rohrl. Available exclusively at Lord Coconut, each pair is meticulously handmade and handcrafted, ensuring exceptional quality.

What makes these earrings truly unique is the incorporation of "unsellable" paintings from diverse artists. These captivating artworks are given a new lease on life, transformed into wearable art. Embracing the concept of upcycling, these earrings offer the perfect way to celebrate sustainability and artistic expression.

With their charcoal rectangle design, these earrings exude elegance and contemporary style. The marriage of traditional painting techniques and modern jewelry craftsmanship creates a harmonious fusion of art forms.

Donning these one-of-a-kind earrings allows you to make a statement with your fashion choices while supporting both the artist community and eco-conscious practices. Experience the beauty and creativity of Charcoal Rectangle Painting earrings – an extraordinary blend of art and adornment.

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