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These unique pendants feature small 18ct yellow gold highlights that take these pendants to another level of beauty.

Material: Etched fine silver and 24ct gold

Size: Pendant: 27mm x 20mm // Chain: 44cm

The Intersection pendant in fine silver, created by Alison Raven and available at Lord Coconut, is a remarkable piece of handmade jewelry. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pendants are truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Made from electro-etched recycled fine silver and sterling silver, each pendant is individually hand-drawn, resulting in slight variations that add to their charm.

What sets these pendants apart is the incorporation of small 18ct yellow gold highlights. These delicate touches elevate the designer cufflinks to another level of beauty, creating a captivating contrast against the fine silver backdrop. The Intersection pendant is a fusion of creativity and craftsmanship, showcasing the artist's skill in combining different metals to produce a striking aesthetic.

When wearing these cufflinks, you can embrace both elegance and sustainability, as they are crafted from recycled materials. The handmade nature of these pieces ensures that each pendant holds a distinct character and carries a sense of exclusivity. The Intersection pendant in fine silver by Alison Raven is a testament to artistic ingenuity and offers a captivating accessory for those seeking a touch of individuality and sophistication.


Note: As all products are made to order by individual Australian based jewellers and designers please expect a 3 week delay before they are posted out. We will provide Express Post tracking details as soon as the goods are posted.


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