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Two beers please.

Material: Sterling silver

Size: Face: 15mm x 19mm

The Two signet ring in sterling silver by Ant Hat, available at Lord Coconut, is a remarkable piece of handmade jewelry. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this wax carved hand features two extended fingers, creating an intriguing symbol.

The interpretation of this symbol can vary depending on personal perspective and cultural context. On one hand, the gesture of two extended fingers can represent a defiant and rebellious "Up Yours" gesture, conveying a message of defiance or dissent. It can be seen as a symbol of resistance and challenging the status quo.

On the other hand, the same gesture can also symbolize peace. In certain cultures, two fingers extended upward can be interpreted as a symbol of the peace sign. It is a gesture that signifies harmony, unity, and a desire for peaceful coexistence.

Ultimately, the meaning behind this unique ring is open to interpretation. Its enigmatic design invites individual reflection and allows the wearer to imbue it with personal significance, whether as a symbol of defiance or as a call for peace.

A ring size chart is available HERE

All rings can be made in sizes larger than Z at extra cost due to the extra material required. Please contact us directly for an individual quote.

Due to the handmade nature of these rings slight variations will occur each time a ring is made to your size.

Note: As all products are made to order by individual Australian based jewellers and designers please expect a 3 week delay before they are posted out. We will provide Express Post tracking details as soon as the goods are posted.

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