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Urban Chic Fan

Urban Chic Fan

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Highlighting the texture of metal.

Material: Sterling silver with gold highlight

Size: 35mm W x 50mm L

Introducing the Urban Chic Fan earrings, a mesmerizing creation by renowned jeweler Gavin Macsporran. These exquisite earrings are crafted with utmost precision using high-quality sterling silver, accentuated by delicate gold highlights. Available at Lord Coconut, these handcrafted masterpieces are designed to captivate and enhance your style.

The intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in every curve and contour. Gavin Macsporran's expertise shines through, as he skillfully highlights the texture of the metal, creating a visual feast for the eyes.

The sterling silver composition ensures durability and longevity, while the gold highlights add a touch of opulence and sophistication. The contrasting metals beautifully complement each other, making these earrings a versatile accessory that can effortlessly elevate any ensemble.

Whether you're attending a formal event or simply aiming to make a fashion statement, the Urban Chic Fan earrings are a perfect choice. The sleek and contemporary design exudes urban elegance, making them suitable for both casual and upscale occasions.

By incorporating these exquisite earrings into your jewelry collection, you'll effortlessly exude confidence and refined style. The Urban Chic Fan earrings by Gavin Macsporran are an investment in exceptional craftsmanship and enduring beauty. Shop now at Lord Coconut to experience the allure of these handcrafted treasures and embrace the essence of urban chic.

Due to the handmade nature of these earrings slight variations will occur each time an earring is made.

Note: As all products are made to order by individual Australian based jewellers and designers please expect a 3 week delay before they are posted out. We will provide Express Post tracking details as soon as the goods are posted.

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