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Mens Cufflinks designer

If you are looking for a mens cufflinks designer, Lord Coconut can help.

Each of our 30 plus jewellers, designers and artisans can assist in making bespoke mens cufflinks.

Please view our list of mens cufflinks designers.

When searching for a mens cufflinks designer, we recommend that you view the work we currently have in stock by each of our designers/jewellers. Once you have found a style that you work, we are able to pass your contact details onto that designer/jeweller.  They will contact you to start the design process. A number of pencil drawings may be presented as part of your discussion before a final design is agreed upon. Upon agreement, the designer/jeweller will take a bit more time to calculate a final price. Once you are happy with the final design and price, a 50% deposit is paid to get the manufacturing process started. At this stage, no refund of the deposit is possible. Upon completion, you will be invited back to the store to view piece and make final payment.

You are then the proud owner of a bespoke pair of cufflinks courtesy of one of our mens cufflinks designer.


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