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Mens Wedding Ring Melbourne - How To Find The Perfect Mens Wedding Ring Melbourne

Check out the price points.

A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment and love. It's also a fashion statement. If you're looking for something unique, consider getting one of our custom made wedding band. You can find a wide variety of designs at affordable prices.

Low Price Point
A sterling silver men's wedding ring will usually cost less than $500 when handmade in Melbourne and is a great option if your budget is tight or you're a bit forgetful and are likely to lose the ring and replace it in the future.

Blue Lagoon wedding ring by Gillian Hillman

Mid Price Point
A titanium wedding ring or a narrow (around 4mm) 9ct gold wedding ring is the perfect choice if you want to spend around $700 to $1200. Either option will give you a handcrafted wedding ring made right here in Melbourne.

Thin Boston ring by Ali Alexander

High Price Point
A wide 9ct gold wedding ring or any 18ct gold wedding ring will be priced $1500 and above. This can be a serious financial commitment for some but always bear in mind that a wedding ring is forever so divide the cost by the number of weeks you will be married and it might end up being a small price to pay for your token of eternal love.
Along wedding ring by Aimee Sutanto

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