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Press Release – Lord Coconut



Melbourne (May, 2012) – Step into the wondrous world of Lord Coconut, the home of handmade, contemporary and limited edition men’s jewellery and accessories; the elegant solution for men of discerning taste.

With a salon in Flinders Lane as well as an online store, Lord Coconut showcases handcrafted jewellery, hand-made leathergoods, design pieces and artwork by local artisans and designers.

Featuring accessories from up to 30 designers, with most hailing from Victoria, Lord Coconut is an avid supporter of local designers, and in many cases, is the only retail outlet for these artisans who excel in their craft.

The most recognised designers carried by Lord Coconut include Fiona Griffiths’ bespoke subway token rings, Justine Austin’s fine silver skull and cross bones, the humorous silver pieces from a.l.i.alexander, and anatomically-influenced accessories from Beth Croce.

Lord Coconut is the realisation of the long-held dream of avid jeweller collector Mark Boldiston, who took the leap of faith in 2011 from a career in education and administration to creating a salon for men of taste. Mark’s vision for Lord Coconut is to offer individual accessories that are the antidote to the everyday, in an intimate setting for personal shopping.

Lord Coconut derived its titled from the mysterious English Aristocrat Lord Coconut, who arrived in Australia in approximately 1887. He opened his first private retail gallery, “Lord Coconut’s Emporium of Wonder” in 1891, holding treasures from Africa, India and Pacific Islands.

Strolling around the Flinders Lane store gives the air of a private men’s club akin to Melbourne’s oldest legal fraternity, The Safari Club, with vintage cabinets reminiscent of the Natural History Museum in New York, African masks, and antique taxidermy. Just like the original Lord Coconut, the jewellery and accessories Mark has curated are almost like the quarry from his travels through the world of design and art.

Lord Coconut also holds five to six exhibitions per year for specific designers, and has held artist talks during past State of Design Festivals.

Distinctive in design, comfortable and private, the tucked away store makes men of taste feel like they have stepped into a world designed specifically for them.

Lord Coconut is a successful recipient of the City of Melbourne Small Business Grants program.

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