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Tie Fighter cufflinks by David Parker


Tie Fighter cufflinks in oxidised sterling silver and cubic zirconia by David Parker 
Available in-store or online
David Parker produces jewellery that embodies a uniquely modern spirit. Beautifully developed pieces range from elaborate constructions to elegantly simple designs; often concealing their underlying complexity. The Melbourne based designer brings very strong technical knowledge and innovation to his handmade, bold contemporary designs. 
His Lord Coconut range features a number of pieces that explore the more irreverent facets of David’s personality. In this collection David has incorporated inspiration from numerous areas and periods of his career. For that reason you will find musings from pop culture, history and even humour sitting along side the more recognizable aesthetics of sculptural and architectural forms.

David likes to see his work as an interpretation of art deco architecture and modern sculptural influences. He is heavily influenced by the shapes and forms of these movements. His metal work reflects the bold forms, sweeping curves and clean edges often found in both these movements. David brings a very modern aspect to his work, as he feels it’s important to embrace new design and to be relevant to his own time and place.

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