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Vintage books for packaging

When it came time to deciding how any of our 800 plus pieces of Australian made handcrafted jewellery for men would be presented to our customers upon sale it was very clear that we wanted to do something out of the ordinary and something that fits in with the look and feel of the store. As our store is based upon Natural History Museums of the past the standard jewellery boxes available were out of the question. This led to a bit of brainstorming where we finally decided upon secret holes cut into the inside of vintage books. Not 100% sure where the idea came from but it was probably inspired by our recent prison break where a pick was smuggled into the prison inside a book………………….. oh wait, that was a movie wasn’t it! Maybe it was a piece of art we had seen previously as we were aware of the well known Melbourne based book artist Nicholas Jones. Either way we’ve made our packaging an important part of our entire retail experience and we know we’re on a winner when we get customer feedback such as “arrived on Monday just gone snuggled away in a lovely book” and “love the packaging, great idea. He loves books, so this is perfect”.

Photo courtesy of Boutique Blinks Photography

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